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We Have Several Ready-to-Deploy, Robust Solutions for Businesses Across Major Industry Verticals.

Owing to our customization mantra, our ready-to-use products can be tailored to your business’s specific needs. Get our constant support, right from installation through implementation to after-service requirements.
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50+ Glorious Years of Software Engineering and Support Solutions.
For half a century, BIS Computers has worked hand-in-hand with over 3000+ clients to get to know their business and deploy future-ready software solutions and services that respond flexibly to rapidly changing reality. With techonology evolution, we have provided new paths for them to conquer impending business challenges. We make sure no client is left with a deadend product.
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We Empower Businesses with Quick, Efficient, and Automated Solutions to Keep their Customers and Stakeholders Satisfied
As the world moves to a new era, we help you exceed the changing demands of your customers with transformative technologies, advanced analytics, and quality services.
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Distribution and Lite Manufacturing

Our centralized distribution management system is a Cloud ERP with high-tech features to help companies manage and monitor end-to-end distribution networks and optimize logistics operations. The system integrates dedicated modules with company’s sales and financials to reduce process times, improve customer support, and eliminate unnecessary costs.

  • Wholesale Distribution

    Deal with an industry-specific application designed for high-volume wholesale distributors to improve efficiency, gain tighter control, and reduce manual work.

  • Warehouse Management

    Integrate warehouse backend system into various mobile devices to optimize accuracy & security, and gain smoother distribution control from any place, anytime.

  • Inventory control

    Generate reports on important metrics in real-time, including perpetual & physical inventory, order processing, purchase, inventory location, stored items, cost, logistics, and more.

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Pet Services

Our software manages all aspects of Pet Cremation and Pet Burial Processes all over the world. Our powerful technology app is available for configuration to match retail, hospital, and clinic business operations. It can be integrated into any mobile device to manage, invoice, and track pet crematory.

  • PBS (Pet Burial System)

    Manage and automate all tasks revolving around pet burials, including phone consultation, intaking, processing, route management, vet finder, and body disposal.

  • PCS (Pet Cremation Solution)

    Systematize the manual cremation operation for companies engaged in the pet cremation marketplace to optimize performance and improve customer satisfaction.

  • MWS (Medical Waste)

    Track various hazardous waste boxes through Medical Waste process, from drop-off through to the treatment process; modules include barcodes, report, pricing, mass entry, & box tracking.

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Party Rentals

The rental suite is a real-time solution that helps rental clients improve visibility across multiple locations with order bookings, inventory, fleet, accounts, customers, and web presence. Our solution improves traditional retail processes & boost managerial efficiency by streamlining and integrating all elements of single & multi-store management. We combine core retail activities in one operational hub and allow data access anywhere, anytime to help you provide customers an multiple-channel experience. The application overcomes the traditional stock sales since merchandize comes back to the warehouse – the easy process of bringing back stock via barcodes boosts clients’ efficiencies.

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Our Transportation Management System, Load-Logix, powered by Oracle, is a logistics industry-specific software application that optimizes the operations of carrier and logistics brokers by automating their internal processes, such as load data entry and re-entry, payroll and invoicing, communication, and load tracking & management, in real-time. It also allows integration with enterprise level accounting apps, business analytics, reporting, and offers an exceptional truck board map that helps finding return loads after current load is dropped off.

  • Transportation and Logistics Brokers TMS

    Manages drivers & load in real-time for carrier borkers to boost customer service and route deliveries, reduce fuel consumption, and minimize travel time and distance.

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