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Microsoft Teams outage blocks access to web and desktop clients

Posted on June 28, 2023 by

Microsoft is investigating an ongoing outage blocking customers from accessing and using the Microsoft Teams communication platform via web and desktop clients.

While Redmond only acknowledged that the outage affects the web app, customers also report being unable to access Teams via desktop clients on Linux and macOS.

​”We’re investigating an issue where some users may be unable to access Microsoft Teams using web browsers,” the company tweeted via the official Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account.

“Impact is specific to users who are served through the affected infrastructure and are not using a cached desktop build,” Microsoft said in an incident report added to the admin center.

“While we’re focused on remediation, users with access to a desktop build that is cached, may not experience the impact.”

Users impacted by this issue see “Operation failed with unexpected error.” errors when opening the Teams website.

Microsoft Teams web outage
Microsoft Teams web outage 

Those having issues using the desktop clients see “We could not connect to the internet. Try checking your connection” or “Error code – online_check_failed: retry attempts exceeded. Failed to connect to settings endpoint” errors.

Based on user reports, the outage seems to affect Teams customers worldwide, with some of those that can reach the login screen saying that they can’t sign into their accounts.

Microsoft has also addressed a seven-hour-long outage that took down Outlook on the web service for users across North and South America.

Update June 28, 09:09 EDT: Microsoft is seeing signs of improved availability across multiple affected regions (i.e., America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa) after reversing a configuration change that triggered the outage.

Update June 28, 11:05 EDT: Microsoft says the root cause behind the outage has been addressed and access to the Teams service is now restored.


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