Medical Waste Management System by BIS protects the public and local environment by automating, aligning, and streamlining the management of various waste boxes through the Medical Waste Treatment Process. In addition, the app allows tracking of bio-medical waste in real-time via handhelds. 


BIS MWS helps customers run their internal processes more efficiently with advanced features. The application gets your job done on time, with precision. Backend operation is integrated with a Handheld Driver Application for immediate availability of data. All Medical Waste Orders move through various statuses, such as “just entered data in the system, picked up, internally treated, move to an external treatment facility, and closed.”

MWS App Features and Functions

Box Tracking: Box Tracking tracks various boxes through Medical Waste Process, from drop-off to treatment. Pricing can be implemented at either delivery or pickup. Box Tracking and Pricing is set up through the various Medical Waste modules designed specifically for this process.

Medical Waste Barcodes: This module creates trackable barcodes for the drivers to attach to the boxes that need to be tracked.

Medical Waste Tracking: Contains various reports to assist with the tracking process.

Manifest Number Report: Used to attach a manifest number with various boxes. The manifest number is the treatment number.

Medical Waste Parameters: Setup the various box sizes, container types, and treatment facilities.

Medical Waste Pricing: Used to set up the pricing for the medical waste tracking boxes. Prices are system-wide as well as specific.

Box Lookup: Used to view the various historical information for any given box.

Common Tasks

The Medical Waste Parameter is divided into 3 sections.

Treatment Center: Entails various codes to determine the treatment center.

Waste Type: Identifies different categorizations of waste – those that can be processed within machines that break down the waste and those that need to be sent to a treatment facility. Once at the facility, the process can be closed, and the customer can be notified via email. The driver can first scan the box and select the waste type on the handheld device.

Container Type Setup: Lists all container types currently utilized for tracking purposes.

Pricing Setup

The pricing setup for Medical Waste Tracking allows setting up different pricing based on the waste type, the container type, and the number of containers or weight of containers picked up. In the absence of customer-specific pricing for a box, the system uses generic pricing by default. Delivery Charges can also be entered.

Mass Entry

Mass Entry records the Medical Waste items that are not tracked by specific containers but billed to the client. Pricing is set up based on the Medical Waste Service, weight range price, and count. All the pricing fields can be entered on the driver handheld device. Setting up Mass Entry is done by selecting the appropriate service type code. Once the service type is set up, you can enter specific weight ranges for the driver to select. The pricing provides for a range of weights; this way the pricing is easier to manage and is beneficial and flexible for bulk waste orders.