Break Fix

Get complete IT support when you need it with BIS Break Fix service, which offers additional hardware support service and other essential maintenance solutions. Whether it is an IT emergency, a technical failure, troubleshooting, defective hardware, telecommunication equipment installation, or a software upgrade, our trained break-fix engineers can handle any temporary commotion in your IT infrastructure, locally and remotely. BIS understands that no two requirements are the same. Therefore, we can easily adapt to the client’s existing IT infrastructure and customize our service to deliver parts-only or labor-only.


Break-Fix is a service model that delivers IT support and service when there is a need for repairs and updates. It is ideal for companies with in-house IT support and infrastructure requiring additional or emergency solutions to unique problems, like hardware failure short-term projects to upgrade or improve an existing solution. The biggest benefit of break-fix is that you pay for the services rendered instead of a fixed monthly fee for ongoing managed services. BIS typically works based on the time-and-material concept, where we either charge hourly or a fixed project price + cost of parts.

Why Break-Fix IT Support is Useful

Many organizations are opting for cloud computing and storing data in the cloud. But many companies still operate business applications that are using legacy equipment. However, supporting and maintaining legacy, (older equipment and hardware components) using manufacturer OEM support could be quite expensive. Most manufacturers offer ongoing annual support, which turns out to be costlier than purchasing a new system, as they have moved on with their new offerings.

Here’s where our Break-Fix services come into the picture – we, as a third-party service provider, deliver IT support and maintenance for a marginal cost. Based on your company location, we can respond to your call between 4 and 24 hours.

Break-Fix Model and Its Benefits

Break-fix model doesn’t require an upfront investment or a recurring cost. Clients pay on a per service model. It is particularly beneficial for small businesses, start-ups, growing businesses, organizations with basic IT needs, and companies that rely more on legacy systems than the cloud.

Break-Fix model implementation is also hassle-free and instant, eliminating the need to create, sell and manage SLAs.

You can still get exclusive IT support for your business on-demand with ease and flexibility. You also get plenty of options to choose from, like working with freelancers or full-time engineers, remotely or in-office, choosing different time-frames, etc.

The model gives you more control over your IT, as the final decision will be yours to make. If you wish to save money or avoid spending on unnecessary services, BIS/ResultWorx Break Fix could be right for you.