VOIP Systems

BIS VOIP Implementation and support makes communication streamlined, affordable, disturbance-free, and business-specific. Our partnered Cloud VoIP phone system ensures reliable, high-quality telephony wherever you go. BIS can simplify your business telecommunication goals by implementing a feature-oriented, flexible, unified phone system that caters to your unique needs.

Having a robust VoIP system will eliminate the cumbersome process of installing several telephones at your workplace, only to learn that you also need a variety of additional tools, like chat features, file sharing, video conferencing, and screen sharing, in order to make communication effective, comprehensive, and affordable.


VoIP implementation is a part of a secure cloud communications platform that removes the need for on-premise telephony systems, like PBX hardware. At present, business communication is beyond and above the basic desk-based phone system. With mobile applications, business text messengers, and online meets, modern VoIP offers an end-to-end solution that helps businesses manage and control all their business communication and networking via any mobile device or desktop from any location, at any time without any hardware.

We aim to deliver crystal-clear voice quality and other communication tools through our VoIP platform, including screensharing, national and international calling cards, and web conferencing. With open standard protocols, you can implement our VoIP system anywhere in the world with an internet connection hassle-free.

We cater to the following industries: financial companies, healthcare providers, IT firms, government, educational institutions, transportation, travel companies, hospitality industry, and customer support centers.

To understand how VoIP improves workforce management know more about our service offerings and exclusive features, call our experts.

VoIP Support Service

Having a business in this era, no matter how big or small requires uninterrupted and high-quality communication to operate efficiently and improve ROI. But as we upgrade our IT infrastructure, resources, and offices, we often fail to upgrade one important element that stands as our business’ backbone – our existing telephone system. A dated telecommunication system can increase your cost by 20% to 30% and hamper your meetings and collaborations by 80%. And then, there will always be the fear of hardware failure without warning.

But, with BIS VoIP support solutions, you can now enjoy crystal-clear, comprehensive communication across your organization, bring down your telecommunication and multimedia cost by 60%, and improve productivity by 99%.

BIS is a dedicated VoIP specialist with acute training and knowledge in delivering secure and seamless VoIP systems with the best QoS. We offer VoIP services, including upgradation, maintenance, installation, troubleshooting, and security and technical support.

VoIP is an online system – you don’t require hardware or telephone. You can make and receive calls on your mobile phone or laptop as well.

It is an integrated system – better communication management.

Best features – file sharing, back and recovery, media sharing, international calls at cheap rates, etc.

Flexible to move from and to any location.

Multi-level, multi-location, multi-people connectivity.

And there are so many other things that make VoIP cloud one of the best choices for telecommunication. Our business-oriented support services can reduce your VoIP costs by 53%. Learn more about its features and benefits.