Improved efficiencies, tighter controls and reducing wasted paper provides your company with an industry specific application with a short return on your investment.

Some Background

The BIS Wholesale Distribution System (DIST) application is specifically designed for high volume Wholesale Distributors. It saves time in operations using software capabilities specifically tailored to wholesale distribution.

  • The DIST Customer Service application is designed specifically to improve customer service operations immediately by allowing staff to maneuver form one area to another with minimal keystrokes.
  • Customers have access to all the critical data for management to run the business – sales, profit margins, backlog, inventory status, high movers / dead stock, cash position and movement, and more.
  • Mobile BIS has enhanced the product with many modern distribution tools as industry experts. Specific examples include non-stocked merchandise, bar coding, automated cycle counting, vendor and customer performance reporting, automated faxing, EDI, management reporting, and more.
Functions and Features

BIS DIST software provides superior warehouse automation tools including use of handhelds for receiving, putaways, picking, shipping, and physical counting.

DIST operates all of the business functions of a multi-location wholesale distributor / light manufacturer, including Order Processing, Inventory Control, Purchasing, and all Accounting functions through to the Financial Statements. Point of Sale, kitting and light manufacturing is included. Strong Replenishment system based on multiple forecasting methodologies with automatic purchase recommendations.

Browser based allows you to operate the applications from anywhere in the world. Client/server technology can also be applied within your organization.

It interacts with data generated from smartphones and/or tablets along with providing data displays to the field service personnel interested in obtaining backend data.

It utilizes latest relational database and mobile technologies to accomplish day to day tasks.

This highly integrated product is targeted to small to medium sized firms who want the type of functionality offered by major providers but at significantly lesser costs with short term Returns on your Investment.

The customer service module allows for two way conversations with customers and have all the information they need at their fingertips, including previous orders and how much was paid for the ordered items, outstanding invoices, and so much more. Historical data is stored for many years, using the Oracle database.

The BIS Wholesale Distribution System (DIST) application is specifically designed for high volume Wholesale Distributors. It saves time in operations using software capabilities specifically tailored to wholesale distribution.

  • Integrated with BIS’ Document Management Solution
  • Documents are auto-emailed saving costs and improving cash flow
  • Integrates all of your locations and companies that you are managing
  • Highest level of security allowing access to users selectively based on user profiles
  • Inventory lots or serialization
  • Merchandise In-Transit is monitored separately for foreign products with long shipping times, with various add-on costs separately tracked to determine the full landed cost
  • Tracks all of the product that you have sent out to Outside Processors that add value to the product – stock of the product as sent out is reduced and stock that has been processed and returned from the outside processor is added to stock
  • Sales Forecasting and purchasing recommendations – automatically generates editable purchase orders
  • Handles Consignment/memo orders, quotes and future orders
  • Closed Loop system from Purchasing, Receiving, Sales to Cash Receipts, providing the highest level of control; nothing slips through the cracks; includes audit trails
  • Real time Business Activity monitoring with e-mail notifications for call to action; even for mobile users via smartphones and tablets
  • Print and track inventory via Bar Codes or Radio Frequency ID tags
  • Extensive Inventory Transfers tracking between locations
  • Outside processing module reflecting items going out and coming in, with changes in price and cost
  • Repairs Work Orders
  • Reports are first previewed on screen so that hard copies are only printed when needed allows you to contribute to Green savings via technology
  • Applications integrated with e-mail and FAX software
  • Warehouse system using wireless handheld units to track all cartons from receiving to shipping
  • Integration with UPS, FedEx shipping systems