PCS Systematizes the manual cremation operation for companies engaged in the pet cremation marketplace to improve performance and customer satisfaction. It has been efficiently developed for the crematories that serve the pet-after-care industry, including vet clinics, hospitals, and shelters, after rigorous analysis on customer growth and market demand for the past 11 years. The Pet Cremation System can save money, reduce manual errors, and enable organizations to operate with greater control and efficiency by 35% to 40%.


PCS automates 90% of the manual process of the pet service and after-care operations with robust cloud technology and a user-friendly interface. With real-time reporting and information gathering via handheld mobile devices, companies can improve performance and productivity while significantly increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The latest version is enhanced with a fully-stacked Medical Waste Pickup that regulates the pickup of hazardous waste.

While this is not a crematory’s primary business, Medical Waste Pickup process fits well with the routes that are used to pick up for cremation, significantly adding to your company’s bottom-line. The multi-language feature allows users around the globe to utilize PCS in their own language.

Features and Functions of Pet Cremation Solution

Powered by the Oracle-Cloud

PCS is explicitly developed to enhance cloud computing via Oracle’s latest application development environment and database releases; these have been applied for you to realize the benefits of cloud computing fully. It allows you to have access to the platform’s on-premise applications at the same time.

Cremation Chain of Custody (CCC Module)

CCC lets you follow each pet through the cremation process on your mobile device. You can also set notifications to be emailed or texted to the pet owners for critical details about the various steps in their pet’s process – from order entry, pickup of pet through to cremation and return of the ashes package.

Real-Time Cremation Module

View cremation orders on your dashboard, along with the status of each pet cremation process in real-time. It highlights orders that are behind schedule or require additional services. Snapshots of pets at each station allow tracking of production and status for additional efficiency, updating changes as each pet moves through the process. Real-time periodic screens changes offer updates without user intervention.  Large TV screens in key areas can aid various staff to check the workload that they have.  Color-highlighting aids users to focus on various jobs based on priority, like jobs behind schedule, visitations by the pet owner, etc.

Designed for Smartphones and Mobile Devices

Broken screens and expensive repairs can add up costs very quickly. On that note, BIS utilizes industrial grade Hardware Devices built to withstand enterprise-level wear and tear while maintaining the stylish look of consumer-grade smartphones.

The application can also be integrated with Android-based smartphones. The optional sled scanners allow smartphones to dock into aftermarket scanners, allowing them to scan traditional barcodes.

Signature Capture

Quickly capture pickup delivery signatures from vets and hospitals to complete the chain of custody for each pet. Delivery reports for each clinic allow you to see a complete list of the pets picked up and ashes returned, along with appropriate signatures from drivers and vet clinic staff.

Route Optimization & Driver Efficiency Tracking

Scan pet location for delivery and pickup; track best driver routes to reduce fuel and distance; capture signatures. The module allows drivers to enter pet information and print pet tags, and generate, email, or print delivery reports directly from your mobile device.

Other Notable Features
  • Get a birds-eye-view on everything happening within your operation daily – from order processing to production to delivery.
  • Flag orders with color codes that need to be moved to the frontline of the process.
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud provides a more user-friendly and intuitive ad-hoc reporting process.
  • Multi-language support allows you to customize the application and reports in various international languages