Party Rental

The rental suite is a real-time, cloud-based solution that helps retail party rental companies improve visibility across multiple locations/stores on bookings, stock, fleet, accounts, customers, and the web. It allows medium and large chain stores to know about stock availability with real-time insights and improve communication between locations and outside vendors.

As the rental industry is uniquely defined, most products go out to the customer and are returned. Our application efficiently handles this ‘out to customer-return from customer’ process to help our customers achieve desired success for the long term.


Managing any retail business, no matter its size and shape, can be overwhelming. So, whether you own a single store or a chain of superstores, implementing technology will smooth out operations and automate supply-chain to improve customer service and satisfaction. The BIS Retail Rental Application is a turn-key solution that offers a 360°, fully automated, and a customizable management tool that allows BIS’ clients to manage financial accounts, customers, stock, fleet, and orders of all their stores at their fingertips at one place, from any location, at any time.

The BIS Rental is powered by the most advanced database and application development environment to ensure efficient business across multiple retail rentals with the highest level of security and integrity. One of the common issues that rental stores face is establishing a balance between low stock and high stock periods. Our sophisticated sub-rental module allows real-time communication between different shop locations and outside vendors to provide a critical overview in all essential areas.

Highly Customizable and Fully Integrated

Our software application can be integrated into your system to manage customer orders centrally, day-to-day inventory for each location, accounts receivable, purchases, financial statements, sales analysis, and general ledger.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all. And hence, we provide personalization options based on each business requirement. Customization includes:

  • Point-of-Sale Solution.
  • Warehouse Management (track all aspects of warehousing using handheld devices).
  • Document Management (way and index all types of internally generated documents and images).
  • Dispatch Management with Route Optimization (track routes and drivers in real-time).

Features of Rental Application
Customer Rental Entry
  • Consolidate Multiple Orders for one event.
  • Deliver rented merchandise from several locations.
  • Apply discounts and surcharges for different events.
  • Auto email/fax event price quotations.
  • Sell consumable items.
  • Flexible rental periods.
  • Differentiate product components so that they are not contained within customer documents but only in warehouse personnel documents.
  • Robust sub-rental module for multiple locations. Since it is impossible to always have every item in stock, “borrowing” from some of your other locations or even from competitors is common in your industry. You can efficiently handle this process system efficiently through the application, with the assurance that all items are returned to the proper supplier on time.
  • Online credit card authorization.
  • Send automatic invoice customers for missing items not returned or broken.
Merchandise Inventory Control
  • Inter-company transfers.
  • Plan, track, and control sub-rental merchandize.
  • Real-time sub rental fulfilment acknowledgment from your other locations gives you immediate confirmation that the requested items will be provided for the event.
  • Use Barcode reader for delivery, pickup, and return to stock.
  • User-defined time intervals for merchandizing supply and demand projections.
  • Manage inventory on any mobile device.
Warehouse Management
  • Supply picking lists to pickers based on product categories or bin locations to speed up the picking process.
  • Check-in event returns by events or orders and group them by product categories.
  • Generate breakage charges automatically for staff edits.
  • Send auto-emails to customers when payments are due.
  • Barcodes for all identified items.
Accounts Receivables
  • Consolidate customer accounts.
  • Generate event bills and cash receipts.
  • Generate summarized and detailed statements.
  • Process cash control and reconciliation statement for each location.
  • Authorize credit card transactions online.
Multiple Location
  • Stay connected as the BIS Rental application is designed for businesses with multiple locations and operated within a browser.
  • Consolidate and report information regarding events and view events for each order in detail.
Integrated Application

Fully integrated Purchasing, Inventory Control, Customer Orders, Accounts Receivable, Sales Analysis, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Financial Statements.