Twitter users’ accounts restricted due to glitch

Posted on June 29, 2023 by

On June 27th, certain Twitter users began receiving a strange automated message. It stated that, due to a violation of spam policy, their accounts will be restricted for 3 days.

It’s commonly known that suspicious increases in follows, unfollows, likes, or retweet actions can lead to a temporary or permanent suspension from the platform. However, the current event may be attributed to a technical issue.

Twitter has confirmed that a dedicated team is currently engaged in efforts to fix the issue.

What is Twitter’s spam policy?

Twitter’s spam policy strictly prohibits various forms of disruptive activities aimed at promoting commercial interests and manipulating online conversations. These activities include the dissemination of commercially-driven spam, with the intent of diverting attention or generating traffic towards specific accounts, websites, products, services, or initiatives.

Additionally, the policy explicitly condemns inauthentic engagements that seek to falsely inflate the popularity or activity level of accounts or content.

Twitter’s spam policy strongly opposes coordinated efforts to manipulate conversations through the employment of multiple accounts, fake accounts, automation, or scripting.

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