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Distribution and Lite Manufacturing

Our high-tech features help companies increase their productivity, decrease inconsistencies, and have complete control over operations by automating key distribution network functions. Whether you are looking for Supply-Chain Management or flexible ERP, BIS DIST is the one for you.



Inventory Control

The BIS Inventory Management solution is integrated with all modules to provide maximum convenience and flexibility since this function is a major opportunity for companies to match the customer demands with stock availability. Taking advantage of Sales Data, Vendor delivery time and accurate Stock status, your company benefits from “What If” Purchasing scenarios so that stock levels can be kept lean during smaller cash positions and better stocked when buying signals are up. The model is based on respected consultants that helped BIS with their inventory management knowledge.

Use of Mobile computing in the warehouse for better stock controls and bin accessibility adds to the accuracy of the most current stock information.

Wholesale Distribution

The BIS Wholesale Distribution System (DIST) application is specifically designed for high volume Wholesale Distributors. It saves time in operations using software capabilities specifically tailored to wholesale distribution.

Warehouse Management

BIS Warehouse Management System boosts efficiency and accuracy with automation and customization.


What they’re saying about BIS solutions

We have benefitted from BIS solutions since the mid-1970’s. We have continued to grow with their software and integrated hardware enhancements throughout the years. Our latest upgrade allows for efficient data warehousing capabilities throughout our company. As someone responsible for accurate and up to date inventory data, I also work closely with the warehousing team to help with product flow from receiving to shipping, especially to our larger EDI Trading Partners.

Ulises Z., Director of Operations, Dial Industries

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