Proactive Monitoring

Selecting the right security solutions can mean an end to all modern IT threats and breaches. BIS brings to you four such dynamic cloud-delivered protection products across all endpoints and workloads for organizations of all shapes and sizes with different needs. BIS’BIS’ proactive monitoring endpoint security products protect operations, technology, infrastructure, and people – the critical assets of a company. The products are capable of preventing ransomware, cyber-attacks, and other threats trying to disarm your IT environment. Our 24/7 NOC constantly uses state of the art technology to make sure you are not the next victim of a cyber attack.


Falcon Prevent is a Cloud-Native Next-Gen Antivirus that delivers high-quality protection with a single, lightweight solution that runs without constant signature updates, local administration infrastructures, or complex integrations, making it fast and easy to deploy. The solution will fight all types of attacks, even offline, covering numerous gaps often left unattended by legacy software.

  • Powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Dynamic threat intelligence actively blocks malicious activities on the go.
  • Detects known and unknown threats in the background.
  • Prevents fileless attacks through behavior-based indicators of attacks (IOAs).
  • Diagnose and quarantine malicious files when they show on the host.
  • Automatically cleanses data left behind from blocked actions.
  • Supports all operating systems, including macOS, Linux, Windows, and Windows Server.
  • Cloud-built-in to simplify deployment across all endpoints.
  • Runs without reboot, constant signature, on-premise equipment, or integrations.
  • Requires minimal CPU overhead to optimize system performance.

Insight automatically monitors activities across all endpoints and captures data to identify threats in real-time, detecting and preventing advanced attacks as they approach. All endpoint actions are directed to the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform to allow cyber-security personnel to investigate incidents, respond to alerts rapidly, and track down new threats proactively.

  • Continuous monitoring gives users unparalleled visibility to endpoint activities, allowing them to take timely actions.
  • In-depth analysis and visibility detect and stop stealthy and suspicious attacks and breaches.
  • Maximized efficiency reduces users’ time and effort spent managing alerts and investigating attacks.
  • Proactive threat handling and raw event recording.
  • Comprehensive threat intelligence data help explore and understand the entire attack.
  • Shows the current threat level of the organization in real-time.
  • Investigate and contain compromised systems on the fly through remote access for immediate resolutions.
  • Build consistent automation with streamlined alerts, detections, and incidents.
  • ATT&CK™ Framework to understand complex detections easily.
  • Improved response time decreases alert fatigue by 90%.
  • Smart prioritization and speed investigation enabled for acting accurately.
  • Easy-to-use APIs for interoperability with other security applications.
  • Operates without hindering performance and productivity, thereby reducing cost.
  • Solution can be deployed in a few minutes on any device and OS.
Threat Graph

Threat Graph predicts and prevents modern threats and breaches in real-time through the industry’s most comprehensive sets of endpoint telemetry, real-time visibility, threat intelligence, and AI-powered cloud analytics. It empowers users with accurate and timely data, enabling them to detect threats and take actions immediately and prudently.

It has the capability to maintain a wide range of data in the cloud, ensuring users are always armed with critical historical data for making informed decisions.

  • No costly consulting services and zero maintenance overhead.
  • Threat Graph can predict, diagnose, and hunt threats at a fraction of cost, lowering TCO 7.5X.
  • Threat Graph Database continuously optimizes endpoint telemetry over 400 event types and reveals the association between data elements.
  • Robust AI and behavioral analysis identify new and unusual threat activities in real-time and take actions based on policies.
  • Tight integration with third-party APIs and security solutions, improving automation and security control.
  • Requires no on-premise infrastructure, enabling the solution to scale with zero effort.
  • Availability of a complete set of enriched data for security responders, even when a system is offline, ephemeral, or destroyed.

OverWatch provides deep and continuous human analysis, 24/7, to relentlessly hunt for anomalous or novel attackers that easily evade the standard security technologies. OverWatch is designed to detect the stealthy 1% of the threats that generally go undetected or overlooked by legacy software. It leverages cloud-scale data, custom tools, insights from analytics, and modern threat intelligence to deliver prompt and accurate results. Organizations of all shapes and sizes can use it as an extension of the existing security team.

  • Rich telemetry creates the foundation for OverWatch to access a vast amount of data and mine it in real-time.
  • Get up-to-the-minute intel from Threat Intelligence on tradecrafts across 140 groups.
  • Propriety tools and processes ensure optimized hunt and maximum efficiency.
  • OverWatch performs threat hunting by capturing enriched data and applying complex statistical methods, alongside examination and analysis.
  • Continuous vigilance 24/7/365.
  • Proactive, comprehensive reconstruction of attack once an intrusion is discovered.
  • Get instant answer about the intruder – how it gained access and how far the attack has spread.