Network Design

BIS Technologies is an IT engineering design consultancy with certified engineers qualified to upgrade, expand, and build information technology architecture cost-effectively and efficiently for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Our expansive networking implementation caters to all business requisites, from data cabling and PC set up to network designs to router and server reconfiguration. We ensure careful integration of hardware and software components that are well-integrated and cohesive to your existing environment for easy O&M.


The core of millennia business communication lies in exceptional computer network and mobile infrastructure. If you are looking for something similar, remember that robust infrastructure doesn’t just happen overnight – they are the products of well-thought and well-defined design blue prints created by experienced people. No matter how exclusively your hardware and software are built to run your IT infrastructure, they will only work when planned correctly.

BIS certified engineers and technicians would evaluate your networking architecture, find it ready for the latest technology, and guide you through the most suitable technology that offers you a scalable, secure, and sophisticated networking architecture.

With a wide range of solutions, products & services, project management experience, and technical skills, BIS will help you quickly plan, install, implement, and integrate solutions. We will also find loopholes and other issues that prevent your existing infrastructure from running properly.

From design and implementation to regular backup and maintenance to high-level advice, BIS/ covers all aspects of your office network architecture, including

  • Software installation and configuration
  • Software-defined networking
  • Access network planning and enterprise transmission
  • Meticulous network design testing
  • Smooth migration
  • Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Wireless solutions
  • Hardware installation
  • Physical and virtual server
  • Cabling and a lot more

Our solutions are verified before implementation for service reliability stability in migration and expansion. We use advanced project management methodologies and tools to decrease risks during upgrades. This enables the quick availability of new solutions for commercial purposes. Besides, our standardized process implementation accelerates deployment and reduces project risks.

For a complimentary consultation, book an appointment with BIS experts.