BIS Pet Burial System automates all essential tasks revolving around pet burials, including phone consultation, intake, processing, route management, and body disposal. It can be implemented in two ways – one premise and one Cloud – to cater to the unique requirements of different clients. 


Pet Burial and cremation processes sound simple, but they aren’t. The pet service & care industry is a big market in the USA, and therefore, the funeral process is quite regulated and meticulous. BIS PBS software is designed to automate virtually all tasks involved in the pet funeral and burial procedure, right from phone consultation and finding vet, through intaking, document processing, to putting the pet to rest. The PBS solution is available to connect locally with onsite terminals, via the web or remotely on smartphone devices or Oracle Lite-based terminals via the Cloud. The handheld application is designed to track burial spots, find vets, and other critical information from any location in the field.

The application allows you to effectively systematize all labor-intensive tasks, like driver & location tracking and route assignments, eliminate manual filing and documentation errors, integrate with external billing and accounting systems, and track private and communal cremation services and burials.

Functions and Features of the PBS Application

PBS is a completely customized web-hosted database and application that meets the individual needs of businesses in the pet burial industry, offering services to veterinary clinics, burial centers, retail pet shops, pet shelters, and sole practitioners.

  • Provides the benefits of both cloud computing and on-premise application.
  • Regulates all tasks like phone call processing, burial, intake, data, and route management on a day-to-day basis.
  • It reduces error count and operational cost and improves overall performance and customer satisfaction. Decreased manual errors and improved processing time drive down cost and contribute to an ROI of 35% to 40%.
  • With Smartphone integration or PBS handheld units, you can deliver users real-time information on routes of intake drivers.
  • Allows tracking cemetery plots and rows using Google Maps, enabling pet owners and families to know where their pets are or would be buried.
  • Allows tracking of available plots, plots on hold, and occupied plots in real-time.
  • Allows tracking of inventory needed from vendors to complete the burial processes.
  • Enables capturing electronic signatures of credit card transactions, bar code scanning, and burial & cemetery contracts to comply with state and federal laws.
  • Also comes with purchase and inventory management integration and multi-language support.
  • The Chain of Custody (CCC) module lets you follow each pet through the cremation process on your mobile device. You can also set notifications for critical details about each pet.
  • Optional medical waste pickup integration is available.